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Hey! I’m Lucy and I am the founder of Upstart Alliance. This is the story of how it all began. It is my story, but it is also a startup story, so I hope it resonates with you too.

Lucy Ashenhurst


I created Upstart after years of working as a corporate lawyer for top tier firms, and meeting startups who desperately needed legal support but couldn’t afford law firm prices. I created Upstart to give inspiring people their best chance to change the world! I wish I could cure cancer or revolutionise space travel, but sadly my greatest talent is lawyering (so sad) so the best I can do is help others excel. If I am being honest, I also created Upstart as a middle finger to all the big law firms who mandate corporate dullness from their staff and churn through employees as if they are numbers not people and to prove a supervisor wrong who told me that I would never be successful unless I left my personality at the office door and just blended in with everyone else. F*ck those guys. Never apologise for being yourself, and never be embarrassed to be different. That’s what makes us special.

A Rocky Start?

Upstart began, like all good startup stories, on a wing and a prayer. I was the main breadwinner and had a 9-month-old baby. The timing couldn’t have been worse. Correction. A couple of months later I got pregnant again. We left our dream house to move to a smaller place and cashed in our pension policies. Then I discovered I had a high-risk pregnancy that was likely to kill me. So that was fun! But entrepreneurs are pretty much the biggest risk takers on the planet, right? So I got on with it, because I was the happiest I had ever been, and I believed then, as I do now, that my business is going to make the world a better place.

The Haters

Have you met the haters yet? I have. The haters can be strangers, and they can be friends. They will pop up when you least expect them. When I started my journey, people told me I was insane. People told me that there were other legal startups out there. People told me I would never get funding if I pitched to investors at 8 months pregnant. Don’t listen to the haters. Don’t conform to what everyone else tells you. The people who changed the world have never been the ones who sat quietly and did as they were told.

Our Mission

The mission was simple: revolutionise legal and make it accessible to everyone. After 2 years of speaking to our clients about what they need, that mission has crystallised into The Upstart Way.

The Upstart Way means that from our communication to our contracts, we take complex topics and explain them clearly and simply. It means we start with the simplest solution and you choose what (if anything) to bolt-on to create the perfect fit for your business and your budget, and it means that our tech will always be backed by our team of real life lawyers. We express this with 3 simple hashtags:


What Next?

I have been lucky to find a fantastic team of people who believe in The Upstart Way and have joined me on the journey, sacrificing big salaries to do work they really believe in, with clients who inspire them. Together we are proud to be launching our new online platform to offer even more solutions for early stage founders with big dreams and a small budget. We are working on new features all the time. We hope you love it, because in the end, this is our story, but it’s all about you.

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Lucy Ashenhurst

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