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If you want insight and support or you have a big project you need some bespoke help with, our tech is, and always will be, supported by a team of real people. Request a meeting.

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If your business is later stage or the relevant area is critical to your business, we recommend getting a bespoke service. Our team of world class experts will sit with you, explain all your options, make recommendations specific not just to your industry but your specific business and walk you through it from strategy and structure to negotiation to deal management.

We work on a fixed fee basis, because we believe in total transparency, and in helping our clients manage their costs properly – no surprises!

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From incorporation to company secretarial our team of company secretaries and company lawyers can handle any project efficiently. We are committed to finding (and explaining) a solution for whatever you need, in simple clear language.

Company Registration - $1000
Nominee Shareholder - $1000 p/a
Nominee Director - $2000 p/a
Company Secretary - $1000 p/a
Bank Account Opening - $500 per account
Registered Office - $250
Mail Scanning - $150
EP Application - $1,000
DP / LTVP - $750
LOC Application - $500
Striking Off - $1,500

Engage our expert strategy consultants to accelerate your business. With a focus on marketing and go-to-market strategy but qualified to help you reach any business goal you choose, our workshops are designed to put you ahead of the competition!

Our sessions start from $500 for 1.5 hr PowerUP session.

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