Absolutely! Contracts don’t need to be written or signed off by a lawyer to be enforceable at law. Luckily for you, all the elements of our contracts have been drafted and checked by no fewer than 3 top tier lawyers, so you’ve got no worries. Want some extra reassurance? Why not book some LawyerTime and chat with one of the Lawyers that drafted it via Skype. Easy!

We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. If the contracts available don’t fit your requirements but all they need is a tweak, buy some LawyerTime and one of our expert legal team will help you customise it to your requirements.

If you need something totally different we don’t offer (yet!) then get in touch and we will be happy to offer a refund on any unused subscription.

Good question! Years of toiling like slaves for big law firms, corporates and ad agencies makes you hungry for change, for personality and authenticity. So now we are passionate about being ourselves, being awesome and helping other amazing entrepreneurs do the same!

Hell yes they are! You can use the subscription contract builders as many times as you want to generate as many contracts as you want. 20 employees? No worries! You can make 20 employment agreements, all with different terms, no sweat!

We store all the contracts/files you create on our cloud-based platform, hosted on AWS so it is totally secure.  Your files are accessible only to you and you can view/download them at any time by logging in and going to your workspace.

We use guided questionnaires to get the information we need in order to dynamically build you customised contracts that meet your specific needs.  

For the vast majority of customers the end result will be a document that is ready to use (that’s our goal).  But while you’re working on a contract we’ll give you advice along the way and will let you know under what circumstances you might need to buy some LawyerTime to discuss your needs and revise your contract if required. And don’t worry – LawyerTime is super affordable!

No, it’s about a lot more than that. Our goal is also to help you understand legal better so you feel more knowledgeable and confident about it (one less thing to worry about!) Apart from our online tool, we also offer our customers exclusive access to our lawyer-driven lunch & learn sessions, networking events and private blogs/vlogs. We are also working our little socks off to launch new awesoem features regularly so your subscription just gets more awesome.

Sadly our platform doesn’t offer this feature right now but it’s in the pipeline! In the meantime you can download the PDF and use it with your own HelloSign, DocuSign or Adobe – no worries!

Excellent question. With a bit of effort you could probably find a whole bunch of legal contracts for free. But it’s a gamble as to whether or not they’ll meet all of your needs and cover you when you need them to. Can you be confident they are enforceable in Singapore? Do they work for your industry or stage of growth? Do you even know what they are saying? Most free contracts are a bit rubbish. And you get no accountability and no support. If they get you in hot water you have no-one to blame and no-one to turn to. Yuk.

Our contracts have been produced by our team of lawyers and are tailored to your needs.  They’re complete, accurate and are in accordance with Singapore law. What’;s more, they walk you through each step so you know what options to choose and how they will impact your business, and if you have any issues you can talk directly with our legal team. We also have robust professional liability insurance – not that we will need it! So you can do business with total confidence.

Unlike our competitors our contracts are made in-house by our own lawyers.

SOURCES: We start with at least 3 different precedents from our previous work with startups and our access to industry leading legal databases.

1ST DRAFT: We go through each and select the best, the smartest and the simplest terms which includes wording for every common variable. Then we go through and change all the wording to make sure it is SmartSimple: clear, easy to read, and simple for anyone to understand, without losing any of its legal force.

2ND DRAFT: That first draft is then reviewed by another one of our top lawyers, who makes comments and suggestions for other approaches. These are discussed as a group and the best suggestions are implemented.

3RD DRAFT: Then it is reviewed AGAIN by our third top lawyer. Who makes a final set of checks and suggestions.

TECH CHECKS: Then our awesome development team turns it into a digital template including all the variables, and codes a clever set of doo-dads (algorithms) so that different words and clauses will be added, removed or changed depending on what the user selects.

LAWYERTESTING: Then our 3 lawyers go through and battle test it, creating every possible variation they can think of, making as many mistakes as they can, to make sure the system catches them, and produces the right document at the end, no matter what. 

Pretty rigorous, huh? Yeah, no wonder we only have 10 live so far. It is a time consuming business being the Mac Daddy of online legal. But hey, we freaking love you, so it’s worth it. Now one of you geniuses (geniiii?) please invent a money tree so we can keep being awesome, but you know, in our penthouse condo with our gold plated glass of Japanese whiskey. Thanks!