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NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)

An NDA is a contract between 2 parties agreeing not to share each others’ confidential information. It might be between a company and a potential investor, a potential hire, or even between 2 individuals (for example if they are thinking of going into business together).

Some people argue NDAs are pointless because it is hard to prove that someone has leaked information without a witness or a paper trail. We think they are a great filter, whether they are enforceable or not – because do you really want to do business with someone who refuses to sign a simple NDA? We know we wouldn’t.

Upstart GYFT (Get Your Funding Together)

The GYFT is a variety of convertible note, similar to a S.A.F.E. or a K.I.S.S. and is an original creation of ours. It is specifically designed for a Friends & Family round. It offers start-ups the fastest and easiest way to raise funding without complicated mechanics or the hassle and cost of negotiating the terms of a shareholder’s agreement with the investor.

This structure means the founder(s) do not give up any control right away, or pay interest, but in exchange they offer the investors either a fixed number of shares (so they get diluted when new shares are issued) or a fixed percentage of the company to be granted to the investor when the GYFT converts.

Employment Agreement

A simple Employment Agreement, completely compliant with Singapore law, and designed for any employees below C-Suite or director level. It covers all common issues such as leave, salary, IP and non-compete. If you need anything special (like a structured bonus scheme or share options) just buy a little Lawyer Time and one of our legal team will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.

IPA (Intellectual Property Assignment)

An intellectual property assignment sets out who owns any ideas or work product that is created. Most often this will be between a contractor and the company paying them (for example an outsourced software development team), a founder and their own company (usually at an investor’s request) or between an employee and their employer if it isn’t in their main employment agreement. This one is nice and general and covers ALL relevant work the person or team does.

If you are transferring specific IP (especially registered trade marks or patents) it is a bit more complicated so you should get a bespoke agreement that will give more detail on how the transfer needs to happen. Just speak to our lawyers and they can sort you out in no time!

Website Terms of Use

The Website Terms of Use govern how the public can use and interact with your site. It should be used alongside a Privacy Policy. You should have a separate Terms of Service if you sell services or products online which specifically covers payment, quality assurance, liability and other similar issues. Our template Website Terms of Use are suitable for early stage or simple businesses with a website or simple platform.

If your business is a complex SaaS or PaaS business it would be better to speak to our lawyers to get a bespoke policy drafted for you.

Website Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy is incorporated into your Website terms by reference, and sets out clearly what data you collect on your users, how your store and use it, and how they can edit or delete it. This Privacy Policy is compliant with Singapore’s PDPA and is suitable for most businesses with a website or simple platform. If your business is a complex SaaS or PaaS business, particularly one providing data analytics services, or if it has users within the EU, you should speak to our lawyers to get a bespoke policy drafted for you.

Resignation Letter

This is a short letter to the Board of Directors to confirm an individual’s resignation from their position as a director, secretary or advisory board member of a company and includes and essential waiver so your company can move forward with no fears of future claims.

Share Application Letter

The Share Application Letter (also known as a Share Subscription Letter) is a simple document that can be used to apply for shares in a company. It serves as a formal offer to the company indicating that a party wishes to apply for shares and contains basic terms such as the number of shares applied for and the price to be paid. This is the simple cheap way to formalise an issue of new shares if the investor doesn't want warranties or other protections before putting their money in. Or if the shares are being given to an existing shareholder.

Pre-emption Waiver

This letter is from a shareholder to the company it owns shares in, saying they are happy for the company not to go through the pre-emption process before raising money from new investors. Not sure what pre-emption is? Read on!

A lot of shareholders’ agreements and company constitutions, grant pre-emption rights to their shareholders. That means if the company decides to issue more shares, the existing shareholders get first dibs—they have to be offered the shares before the company can go to an outside investor. If your company has the Singapore model constitution (i.e. the template one given on incorporation, with no bespoke changes) then pre-emption rights are not included, but they might still be in your Founders Agreement or Shareholders’ Agreement if you have one.

First Refusal/Offer Waiver

This letter is from a shareholder to the company it owns shares in, saying they are happy for one of the other shareholders to sell their shares to a third-party without offering the shares to them first. Not sure what a right of first refusal is? Read on!

A lot of shareholders’ agreements and company constitutions grant rights of first refusal or first offer to their shareholders. That means if a shareholder decides to sell their shares, the existing shareholders get first dibs – they have to be offered the shares before that person can go to an outside buyer (right of first offer) or they have to be offered the same terms as have been negotiated with an outside investor before the sale is finalised (right of first refusal).

Premium Contracts

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Founders’ Agreement

Our Founders’ Agreement is a form of shareholders' agreement, designed to help founders discuss and agree on their expectations of each other and the future of the business, and make clear decisions on what would happen if a founder wants to leave the business, sell their shares, or if they are under-performing and their co-founders want to remove them from the business.

Our Founders Agreement includes integrated micro learning, reactive reminders and context checks, which is a fancy way of saying, we explain it to you as you go, and keep checking in with you as you go through the process so you feel really supported and can make the best choices for your business.

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